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Letter Home - January 13

January 13, 2022
By Leroy Corkum

Dear Parents,


Welcome back! This is our first letter home for 2022. We hope that you enjoyed the break. We would like to welcome all the new faces joining us this semester. Below is some information we would like to share with you.   


Spirit Week

Our spirit week is 24th -28th this month. It is a great time when the students can have fun dressed up slightly different to show their class spirit. Please refer to the themes below for each day:


-Monday- Backwards Day

Students will participate by wearing their clothes backwards, inside out, and opposite to the usual.


-Tuesday- Twin Day

Students will participate by matching their outfit to another classmate, student, or even teacher! Triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, or even entire classes are welcome to also match perfectly! (This day will also be picture day, so please make sure your student looks neat– maybe bring a change shirt to help)


-Wednesday- Dress Like a Teacher Day    

Students will participate by choosing a teacher in the school and choosing to dress in their style. For example: Mr. Johnston wears polo shirts and khaki pants, Ms. Maletin often wears a lanyard, sunglasses on her head, a dress, and scrunchie, Mr. Zalabak often wears 

glasses, button-up shirts, and dress pants, Coach D wears sunglasses, long sleeve T-shirt, and hiking pants, Ms. Hadassah wears cozy dressy sweaters and comfy pants, Mr. Nieh often wears a turtleneck, glasses, and nice pants, Ms. Machado wears a T-shirt and joggers,

and Pastor Leroy wears a button up-shirt with a vest on top, glasses, belt, and a side bag. Everyone dresses differently, so choose the teacher you want to match with!


-Thursday- Hoodie Day 

Students participate by getting comfy and wearing their favorite hoodie to school!


-Friday- Future Career Day 

Students will participate by dressing up as the career or job that they hope to have in the future! This could include doctor, businessman, police officer, lawyer, teacher, artist, youtuber, and any other! If a student isn’t sure what they want to do in the future, they can dress as any job they respect, or even the job of their parents! (Students can bring change clothes, so they don’t get dirty during art, recess, or other activities)


Picture Day

Our picture day is 25th this month. Students will be taking individual and group pictures. Students do not have to dress fancy but make sure that they look tidy for pictures. Because of the latest mask mandate announced by the Taiwan CDC, students will wear their masks while taking pictures.


After-school Programs

The after-school programs this semester is now open for registration! If your child(ren) is going to sign up for any of the classes, please find more class information in the attached sign-up sheet and turn in to the office by next Wednesday, January 19th. Please do not send the class fee in cash. An invoice will be given to your child to take home later. 



Our walkathon will be hosted at Tianmu junior high school on January 23rd. You may find more information and details of the program in the attachments. Please turn in the pledge sheet and cash donations in the envelope to the office by next Thursday, January 20.   


Government Adjusted Campus Access 

The government has made a variety of quarantine options for travelers returning to Taiwan for the lunar new year holiday. The options range from government quarantine facilities, hotel stay, and home stay. According to campus access policy from the Ministry of Education for all school levels and high schools under, campus access will only be available after the 14-day quarantine and during self-monitoring period. (7 days) 


However, one option may place the family of the traveler in Enhanced Self-Monitoring with the traveler in home quarantine. Campus access is not allowed for anyone in Enhanced Self-Monitoring. This option will only be applicable to the traveler and family who have all completed their 2nd COVID vaccine 14 days previously.


If a student did not travel but is in a home with someone in quarantine, he/she is also in the Enhanced Self-Monitoring of the traveler’s quarantine period and will not be allowed to attend school until the traveler completes the 14-day quarantine. For more information about Chinese quarantine options, please review the Taiwan CDC website


To maintain the health and safety of our community, we are asking for our parents/guardians to sign an affirmation as follows:


---------------------------cutting line---------------------


Grade: ____________    Student Name: _____________



     Do you have anyone currently quarantining in your home?


    □ A. No, there is no one currently doing quarantine in home.

    □ B. Yes, there is someone in quarantine at home at this moment.


Followed by question B:

Relationship of the traveler: ________________ Release Quarantine Date: ____________________(MM/DD)



   □ I will initially inform the office if there is someone doing quarantine in home before, during, or after Chinese New Year. And I understand that my child will not be allowed campus access until he/she completes the Enhanced Self-Monitoring period. I hereby declare that the information given is correct and true, for which I shall take full responsibility for the above information. Please sign below:


Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________   Date of Signature: ____________________(mm/dd/yyyy)


***Please turn in the form to the office by next Wednesday, January 19***





Interim Principal, Leroy Corkum