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Message to Students and Parents

Welcome to the 7th grade class page.


Here at TAAS we are dedicated to providing quality education in a Christian environment. The 7th grade is a particularly exciting year as students move from elementary to junior high school level education. We offer a number of activities and events throughout the year that will help students develop their abilities and to learn the importance of responsibility and independence. This is a year that helps students become self-aware of who they are in this world and what they can do to be active in the community in which they live, building a brighter future not only for themselves but the people around them.


Among the most popular events that 7th grade will take part in is the outdoor school program at beautiful Camp Taiwan, where students enjoy outdoor activities that include team building and cooperation. Throughout the year there are other field trips to sites in and around Taipei, such as ice skating and visiting the Shihlin District Courthouse.


The 7th grade classroom is also the social studies center here at TAAS, teaching world history, geography and U.S. government. We try to build an understanding of the interconnections that tie students to the increasing globalization of the world in which we live. It is important to think outside the bubble in which students may feel themselves in and meet people hailing from around the world. To help facilitate an understanding of the world, we start by surveying different world cultures, the trends of events around the world, and by comparing how Taiwan’s government works with that of the United States and other countries.


If you have any questions or suggestions, we are always happy to hear from you.

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