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At TAAS, as part of the holistic education we offer, we feel our mission to “care for others” is a special blessing and a valuable calling that is part of the spiritual education we provide for our students. It is through serving others and helping those in need that we often find true purpose and meaning in our own lives. Our hope is not only to care for our TAAS family, but also to invest in the community around us. Because of this, our faculty and students regularly support many non-profit foundations and charitable organizations. We continue to seek new and different opportunities that we can support with care. We believe our students will carry these experiences with themselves for the rest of their lives.


The following are just a few of the service projects we have done either by class or the whole school:


Most recent community service projects

  • Genesis Social Welfare Foundation receipt collection
  • Walk-a-thon to raise money for medical supplies with
  • G2 & G3 Veterans Hospital visitation and singing
  • Nursing home visitations and singing
  • G4 teaching English at YangMingShan elementary Kindergarten
  • Distributed cookies with Bible verses at Chiang Kei Chek Park
  • Passed out water bottles with Bible verses to people on riverside park
  • Distributed cookies with Bible verses to neighbors in our village community
  • G2 picked up trash in the village community
  • G2 personal home visitations to cancer patients
  • G2 collect clothing and food for Philippine disaster families.


Previous years community service projects

  • Walk-a-thon to raise money for Eden Social Welfare foundation
  • Singing at ShuangLian Nursing home
  • Singing and visitation at YangMing Home for the Disabled
  • Surveys and information packets on the dangers of smoking