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Here at Taipei Adventist American School we are proud of our library.  However, we do our library a little differently.  We have a dispersed library and not a central library.  What this means is that each classroom has age-appropriate reading material contained with each grade. For example, the Fifth Grade classroom has all the books that are age and reading appropriate for the 5th Grade education level. This doesn't mean that children performing above grade level are limited with books in their actual classroom.  By using our Library System, students are permitted to check out or borrow reading books from any classroom that they may wish.  Students are able to do this by using our digital library system Destiny Library Manager.


Our school has over 13,000 titles in our library for students to use! While that may be a small collection for a large school, our school maintains an enrollment of around 120 students, which means that there are about 113 books for each student enrolled at our school. 


To see our full library catalogue, please visit the link below.


Destiny Library Catalog