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As part of our core philosophy of education, we believe that true education cannot happen unless children are educated in multiple aspects of life.  Beyond just intellectual education that happens in the classroom, we strive to provide an environment for spiritual education, physical education, and social education.


As part of the spiritual education that we offer, we have programs outside of the classroom for students to get out and serve others both at home and abroad as they learn to be good citizens on this earth to their fellow man and especially to those less fortunate than us. 


As part of our social education, we provide experience with families and the community that can foster the social-emotional aspects of child development.  Activities such as community events, mission trips, community service, and field trips all function to help children grow in their social sphere.


As part of our physical education, we provide experiences for children to be active and grow physically; experiences that so often children lack in today's world.  In this new digital world, it is now more important than ever for children to get outdoors and be active!  Beyond the classroom, activities such as mission trips, field trips, Camp Taiwan, Sports Day, and after-school sports help children to develop these important characteristics.


Some programs listed are optional while others are required participation for all students attending our school.