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Every year, TAAS participates in a mission/service and education trip to an area in the world that is deserving of special attention.  The mission trip is an opportunity for 8th grade students to go somewhere in the world and serve others in a special way.  Students will travel to an exotic location and participate in different activities.


One of the main things that students do is build or improve some aspect of the host organization's facility.  This usually means building a new building, putting roofs up and other general improvements.


Another aspect of the mission trip is to serve the people spiritually.  This means that students will be given the opportunity to run something we call Vacation Bible School.  These are Christian programs designed for the children of the location.  They include organizing and putting on games, events, stories, and hands-on learning activities.  These events have been known to draw hundreds of children from all over the area being served.


We believe that international travel provides invaluable opportunities for allowing students of any age to develop a broader understanding of the world. These experiences are even more valuable throughout adolescence when young people struggle to understand their place in the world and the environment around them.


We want to provide these opportunities for our youth with the facilitation, guidance, and mentoring of our faculty and staff. Participating in one of our yearly mission trips can provide our eighth grade students with memorable and valuable insights that impact the course of their lives.


  • Location:   PINEWOOD VILLAGE, Nantou County, Taiwan
  • Activities:   Painted local church & village houses, village cleanup, mushroom farm upkeep, digging holes & cemented fence posts, restored house fencing, donations to needy families


  • Location:   BINMAO VILLAGE, Taitung County, Taiwan
  • Activities:   Painted local church & restored the painting of an aboriginal mural, beach cleanup, donations to needy families. 

2019-2020 Mission Trip

  • BongTi, Thailand – Built walls and homes at The Bamboo School (orphanage)

2018-2019 Mission Trip

  • Sablayan, Philippines – Painting, renovations and teaching English at a small rural school.

2017-2018 Mission Trip

  • UlaanBataar, Mongolia – Ran children’s programs in a rural village.

2016-2017 Mission Trip

  • Salang-Cavite, Philippines – Painting and renovating a small rural church.

2015-2016 Mission Trip

  • Shillong, India – To build a small church in a rural village with Maranatha International.

2014-2015 Mission Trip

  • Siem Reap, Cambodia – To build two sets of playground areas for Wat Preah Yesu Children’s Home.

2012-2013 Mission Trip

  • Falakata, West Bengal, India – To build two 1-day Church structures with Maranatha International and VBS programs.

2011-2012 Mission Trip

  • Imus, Cavite, Philippines – Painting and renovation of a small mission school

2010-2011 Mission Trip

  • Cambodia – Volunteering/painting at an orphanage and English-language programs for mission schools

2009-2010 Mission Trip

  • Northern China – Providing English classes and health classes at a community center