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Admission Priorities

Each application for admission to the school will be considered on an individual basis.

Applicants who fulfill the requirements specified in the admissions policies outlined here and in the Parent & Student Handbook may be admitted according to the following admission priorities:

  • Priority 1. Sibling(s) currently enrolled or accepted to TAAS.
  • Priority 2. Both parents hold USA / CANADA passports
  • Priority 3. Only Student holds USA / CANADA passport.
  • Priority 4. Other passport holders.
  • TAAS is open to students holding foreign passports, regardless of religion, race, color or national origins, who enroll with a sincere purpose to develop mentally, spiritually and physically.  They must willingly support the principles of conduct upon which the school is based.
  • Students must hold a current passport from a country other than the Republic of China. Hong Kong, Macau, and PRC passport holders will be considered based on the rules and regulations as directed by the ROC.
  • Children must be six years old by September 1 of the academic year they wish to enter First Grade.
  • Students must meet eligibility requirements for language ability, special needs, and residency as indicated in the Parent & Student Handbook.
  • When assessing the student’s application, the admissions committee considers prior academic and behavioral records, English proficiency, and possible need for additional support services.
Grade Placement
  • Students are ordinarily placed into the appropriate grade indicated by their school records.
  • Students transferring from a country whose school year follows a school calendar different than TAAS will generally be required to continue in the year they have completed. For example, a student completing Grade 6 in Japan in January would be placed in Grade 6 for the remainder of the academic year at TAAS.
First grade Registration
  • We will begin accepting applications for First Grade after December 1st of the previous school year that you desire to start.
  • All Applicants will all be put on a list according to the priority based on school policy as listed above.
  • No acceptances will be made for First Grade until April 1st of the previous school year that you desire to start.  (That is four months after we begin accepting applications)
  • After April 1st, Applicants will be accepted based on the prioritized list with the remaining put on the First Grade wait list.
  • First Grade fills up fast so get that paperwork completed!