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Message to Students and Parents

Welcome to my classroom! This is my 8th year in the EAL Classroom. I enjoy working with students just like you, to help you improve your English so that you're able to go to the mainstream classroom. This is why I am here- just for that, but you have to do your part also- you need to be using English the entire school day.


I know it doesn't sound right, but I think mistakes are good! If we can learn from our mistakes, we are able to improve. I promise you, if you might say something incorrect, many of your friends are probably saying it that same way, so this is a chance to learn together. Together, we learn and succeed!


I have many hobbies and interests. Some of those are: baking, seashell collecting, drawing, coloring, painting, home repair, car repair, and more! I'm sure you have things that you like to do also. 


Thank you for being a part of my class!


Ms. Machado


EAL students benefit from:
  • Being actively involved in the mainstream classroom and curriculum as much as possible.
  • A caring environment that provides the support needed to be successful in the mainstream curriculum.
  • Challenges that encourage achievement of personal best.
  • A focus on fluency that helps students view language errors as natural and valuable learning opportunities.
  • Developing strategies for monitoring personal progress and achieving academic goals.
  • Small learning groups that provide unique learning opportunities with quality interaction and support.
  • Ample opportunities to practice new concepts and skills in a variety of contexts.



Students new to TAAS are given an examination that evaluates their English language skills. This examination and other factors aid the EAL program in placing students in the best learning environment. Student progress in the EAL program is closely monitored and periodically evaluated. Students that demonstrate improved levels of English will be considered for placement in either a more advanced EAL level or in the mainstream classroom (exiting the EAL program).



This level is designed especially for students in the grades five through eight needing a significant amount of support as they enter a school that uses English as the language of instruction. Students at this level spend the majority of their day with their EAL teacher. An emphasis is placed on learning English and acquiring skills necessary to be successful in an American school. EAL Homeroom offers an eclectic approach to the majority of the curriculum, selecting the most valuable concepts, skills, and vocabulary covered in the different grade levels.


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