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Outdoor School is a time when upper grade students get to truly experience the outdoors.  Outdoor school is an American tradition for sixth graders to learn about the great outdoors and build teamwork at the same time.  Because we believe that all people should be able to care for themselves, we have applied the concept to include seventh and eighth grade as well.


Even if students at first seem a little unsure about going on this school outing, they always come back talking about the great time they had and the wonderful memories created.  This is truly a time where students can work together and grow closer together.  They do this through teamwork games and group activities where they must trust each other and work together to accomplish their goals.


They also get to live in cabins surrounded by trees and spend some quality time experiencing what it is like to not live in the city surrounded by people and cement.  At night, students have a campfire together where they sing songs and our school staff tell stories.  This trip is a wonderful time for students and something not to be missed.  Check out the pictures for another look.