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A walk-a-thon, a walking marathon or sponsored walk is a type of community or school fundraiser in which participants raise money by collecting donations or pledges for walking a predetermined distance or course.


Over the years, by doing events such as Walk-a-thon and other community service events, TAAS students have learned how to help other people. Each year the money raised to help these organizations has grown steadily by a few thousand more dollars. 


The money raised is donated to those who are in need. Each year, we cooperate with different foundations. The last few years have included organizations such as the Eden foundation and ADRA International. We hope to train all students to not just care about themselves, but to also care about all the people around them and in every corner of the world.


Here are some links from the foundations:

Modern Woman's Foundation

Mustard Seed Mission

Eden Social Welfare Foundation

Chinese Christian Relief Association

Adventist Developement and Relief Agency