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Dear Parents


I want to welcome you to Taipei Adventist American School (TAAS) where we train students to be successful citizens now and for the future. We are excited to have you consider TAAS as the school of choice for your children and I thank you for that.


At TAAS we understand the importance of training the mental, physical, social and spiritual or moral values of every child. We use a top curriculum with small classes that have proven to be successful for students that have passed through our education system. We also provide opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom through educational field trips, overnight trips like outdoor school, and even mission trips to other countries. Studies have shown that students who go through our system consistently score at least one grade level higher than the national average for the United States. The longer a child stays in our system, the better the chance they will have to be at the top of their class.


We also believe that no matter a child’s academic level, religion or nationality, they can be a part of our school family. We strive to meet each student where they are at and help them grow in a diverse environment. This has proven to help students develop better social skills with those who are different. This, in turn, will help them be more successful at working with others when they are adults.


Here at TAAS, our goal is to provide our children with the best possible education that will help them be successful in all areas of life, especially the spiritual and moral. Many parents have found the Christian setting to be ideal for their children as they experience the love and acceptance our teachers provide.


I invite you to take a close look at TAAS to decide if it is a right fit for your child. I am sure you will be glad you are here.




Scott Ishkanian

Interim Principal