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Every year during Spring Semester, TAAS hosts the annual International Food Fair.  This is the largest community event we hold every year and requires the help of students, staff, and parents.  For this event there will be booths set up with each booth having a theme from a different country.  Generally, each booth has some kind of new and delicious food from that country as well as often a craft or fun game to go along with it.  All of our booths are run by parents and staff, generally with the country being represented by people from that specific country.


This is a wonderful event to showcase the multicultural family that TAAS is.  Every year we have bigger and better booths from wonderful families dedicated to showing a small piece of their home culture.  A fun selection of booths over the years has included the United States, Israel, Thailand, Myanmar, Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, and many more.


At the end of this fun day, a raffle will be held to give away prizes donated by parents, local businesses, and supporters of the school.  There is always a fun selection of prizes and seems to be a highlight of the day for the kids.