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Lunch Service

Taipei Adventist American School strives for health in all things we do. This is why our lunches are freshly prepared from scratch each day.  While we don't have a dedicated cafeteria for school use, all our meals are delivered to us just in time for the kids to eat.  TAAS contracts out with various restaurants in Shilin and Yang Ming Shan to prepare healthy, delicious meals for our students.  The lunches are delivered to the office and then distributed to the classrooms by students. One thing that does set our school apart is that our lunches are all vegetarian.  This means that if you enroll in our school lunch program, the students will be eating a healthy vegetarian lunch freshly made with lots of vegetables and healthy ingredients.


Lunch service is optional. Students, of course, can also bring their own lunch from home. There are no restrictions on self-provided lunches.  Each classroom is equipped with a hotbox for student use.

November 2023
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