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Letter Home - January 26, 2022

January 26, 2022
By Scott Ishkanian

Dear Parents,


With a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases and continually changing regulations, to assure everyone a safe and healthy community, we are requiring everyone, including our students, staff and faculty, and bus drivers, to provide a COVID rapid test/ PCR test before we return from the Chinese New Year break. Please read the following details:


Required COVID-19 Rapid/ PCR Test 

Your child’s rapid test/PCR test result must be submitted to his or her homeroom teacher’s email 3 days prior to coming back on campus. The submission date of a result will be acceptable from Friday, February 4 through Sunday, February 6 before 3:00 p.m. 


An antigen rapid COVID test is readily available and can be obtained in any convenience store or pharmacy. You may scan the QR code on the side for a reference video on how to perform a rapid test. To have the test done more accurately, please have an adult help your child with the test. Below are some notes:  


  • Make sure to put your child’s name and testing date on the tester (as shown in the example below) 
  • Follow the instructions of the test kit step by step on how to administer the test
  • Check the result at processing time mentioned on the instructions
  • Take a picture of your child’s test result 
  • Email your child’s result picture to his/her homeroom teacher by the submission period mentioned above

Please see an example of the COVID rapid test result in the attachment.

  • A negative result – When only line C appears  
  • A positive result – When line C and line T appear 
  • Invalid result – No lines or only line T indicate that the result is invalid, and needs to be taken again 

Please note if people test positive, they shall wear a face mask and visit a nearby community testing site for further COVID-19 testing as soon as possible, and they must not use public transportation when seeking testing; also, if people test positive with a home test kit, they shall place the test kit in a plastic bag, seal the bag tightly, and bring it to a healthcare profession at a community testing site when seeking testing. 


People who test negative shall continue to abide by the CECC's disease prevention regulations, practice personal preventive measures, and observe self-health management; people who test negative shall also place a used home test kit and swab in a plastic bag, seal the bag tightly, and dispose of it in the general trash bin.


Below are the email addresses of homeroom teachers in each class:


Class - Teacher Names - Email Address

1st grade - Mrs. Irai -

2nd grade - Ms. Oasan -

3rd grade - Mr. Ishkanian -

4th grade - Mr. Phillips -

5th grade - Mr. Johnston -

6th grade - Mr. Zalabak -

7th grade - Ms. Maletin -

8th grade - Mr. DePaiva -

EAL Prep room - Ms. Machado -


Lunar New Year Holiday

There will be no school on January 31st - February 4th for lunar new year. Students will return to school on Monday, February 7th if they have tested negative for COVID and have sent the results to their homeroom teachers. We wish everyone a Happy New Year!




TAAS Interim Principal, Scott Ishkanian